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Intense spring

Wow! This Spring has been a blast in BODIES’ camp! First, we finished our EP and got it pressed. We’ve been on the radio, played several gigs in Stockholm and Motala and there’s still more to come.

First – a wedding gig. Yep. You read it right. We never thought we’d be asked to play at a wedding, but now it’s happening.

And then there’s the THIRD of June – our final gig (as far as planned, anyway) at Ormingekarnevalen (The annual carnival in Snake City). You. Are. ALL. Invited!!!

Thanks for everything thus far! Let’s keep rocking!!! =)


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It is HERE!

Yes – we’ve finally received our new EP ”Let’s go, make it double” with four hot tracks. And you can order it by mailing

It’s only 100 SEK + shipping costs. Payment details will be handled upon order. Neat, huh? ;-)


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4-track EP mastered

YAY!!!! We’ve finally got our new four track EP mastered. Soon to be delivered for printing. So, a vinyl is gonna come yer way! And you know what they say: Those who wait… ;-)

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BODIES supporting C.J.Ramone – it’s true!

We can hereby confirm that we have been asked (we may even be bold enough to say begged, even… ;-) ) to open for CJ Ramone at Bomber Bar in Motala. Being our gracious and humble selves, we accepted. It’s on August 12.


Be there or be four cornered bastards! ;-)

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YAY!!! Recording session booked


So. We have booked a recording session for May 29. How great is that!? =) This time, we’ll record four tracks and have the ep out on a digital listening arena close to you in the autumn! AND we’ll get some good ol’ fashioned LP’s for ya too. ;-)

Peace, love and stay in touch!

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Rocking on Spotify


It’s us again…. ;-) We are now OFFICIALLY on Spotify with our latest recordings!!! Just before moving into the studio again to finalise some more for ya’s. =D

Ok, so here’s the link to check out NOW:

Whatcha waitin’ for? ;-)

bodies EP_5track new

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Thank you Bomber Bar, Motala

It was great to be back again and make new friends as well as meet old ones! =)

GigBomber1 GigBomber3 GigBomber8 GigBomber9 GigBomber14

Photos by Monica Lundberg

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Finally on iTunes – soon on Spotify and other sites too…. =D

YES! It’s true. Your favourite punkrockpoparses are soon available with w few ”new” songs through various music distribution channels! Such as iTunes (already launched), Spotify (to come in a day or two) and then numerous multiple channel options for your listening pleasure. ;-)

We know you’re all eager to get us on vinyl too, but you’ll have to hold yer breath for a bit longer. We will get in to a studio soon and get some recordings done – planning to release them on vinyl as well as through digital music distributors. ;-) You know what they say… Waiting for something good…always takes to long! ;-) But we’ll get there – we promise!


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Bomber Bar, Motala April 2

Yay! Returning to Motala and Bomber Bar!!! It’s going to be a blast – again. =)

So if you’re in those necks of the woods next Saturday – April 2nd – you KNOW where to turn up, yeah? ;-)

(After this show, we’ll focus on getting some new material recorded for you all. So stay tuned and we’ll keep ya posted.)

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Palatset, Linköping – what a show! =)

We had a helluva time playing at Palatset in Linköping! And we’d like to thank Hangovers and Flush for sharing the stage with us – as well as all the people showing up. =D

LinkpingPalatset_2 LinköpingPalatset_1 LinköpingPalatset_3 LinköpingPalatset_4 LinköpingPalatset_5 LinköpingPalatset_6 LinköpingPalatset_7 LinköpingPalatset_8 LinköpingPalatset_9 LinköpingPalatset_10 PostGigLinköpingPalatset PostGigLinköpingPalatset2 PreGigLinköpingPalatset

Special thanx to Monica and Ann-Christin for support and pics!

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